How a new hire Programmer gained Confidence at work

July 15th, 2019 by

It has been months since I started my work in the company and we had new hires coming in. In the first week of work, they often contemplate what their value was because they have not accomplished something yet. It is prevalent in today’s workforce. I was once in their position, thinking that I should finish the work quickly since it shouldn’t take some time to get the job done. Those were the days I felt so unavailing and inadequate. Seeing them felt stressed and empty, I felt the need for me to step up and do something about it.

Luckily, if you felt that way, or you are a leader who is trying to motivate newbies, here’s what you can do about it.


Realize that the work you are doing has Business value

I talked to our newbies, asked them how’s work going and, they shared their concerns. Most of them were like “I’ve only done a little stuff”. I motivated them by leveraging the fact that they worked faster than I was when I was still a newbie. I also pointed out that, their work was being used in production, and is helping other people do their day to day job. Recognize them for their hard work, for facing challenges, for doing something your team hasn’t tried before. Help them discover their strength.


Make them talk … a lot.

You can ask them to bring up topics for discussion. In that way, they can practice speaking within the team and share their knowledge. When you talk with other people about their background in coding/work, you’ll soon find out that they had the same feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Show them what is more reliable but don’t argue for what they think is right. Be open and let them suggest what is on their mind.


Place your trust in them

Just because they are new, doesn’t mean they can’t do advance things. Show them the way of doing things. You can pair program, and when they had grasped the challenge, let them code alone. Be the role model. Show them that you trust them – when you really do. Affirmed that they can do the task that was assigned to them.



Your skill can be improved by understanding the basics clearly. Knowledge builds confidence. You’ll get familiar with the codes you are working on and will realize that it is a piece of cake. Take on larger challenges and break them into manageable pieces until you had that feeling that you can do it. Create small applications, which are aligned to the work you are currently working on.

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