Free Credits and Freebies to Boost your Programming Competencies

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Every programmer likes free stuff. As you get further in your programming career, it is unavoidable to purchase tools that cost a lot of money. Here is the list of freebies that can help you enhance your programming skills and be a more productive developer.


Windows Dev Essentials

Get 1-month free access to thousands of quality tutorials on Pluralsight. I personally like Pluralsight because they break down courses in 2- 5-minute format. They also offer soft skill courses to help you heighten your communication skills in the workplace. Remember, communication is important in the industry. You can also get a 200$ credit for Azure. Use that credit to experiment and learn on your own.

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Windows Dev Essentials


Github Education

If you are a student, get free packs that will surely boost your learning. By registering in Github Education, you will get free credits to popular hosting such as Heroku or Digital Ocean. You will also get unlimited public and private repositories on Github. (Private repos are now unlimited for all users). You will also get a free domain with SSL on Namecheap.  You will only need a picture of your school id.

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github pack


AWS Educate

Learn how to create server instances, set up load balancers and cloud storage with AWS Educate. With AWS Educate, you will learn how to scale your products for free. AWS Educate includes 100$ AWS Credits, 600$ worth of AWS Technical Essentials Training Course.

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aws educate


Google Cloud Platform Free Tier

Get 300$ GCP Credits. Get access to over 50 services including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). After 12 months, it will be free and you won’t be charged.

Start learning and building apps on GCP for free.

google cloud platform


Freenom Free Domains

Get .tk, ml, ga , cf domains for free on Freenom. If you think you do not need to buy a top-level domain for a dummy/test project, Freenom is your bet. Just point the nameservers of the site to your web hosting.

Click here to get your free domain! 



Learn to Code for Free

There is numerous website you can learn to code for free. If you want to create an awesome website using HTML, React or Node Js, visit FreeCodeCamp. You can also go to Coursera and start collecting certificates. Coursera offers a Specialization which is a collection of courses on specific topics with a project at the end.


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