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January 27th, 2019 by

It is hard to find a reliable web hosting service for your thesis especially when you are just a student and is lacking financial support.

Luckily we have Viewen who can provide us premium web hosting faster than paid ones.


Why Viewen?

First of all, Viewen is absolutely free. They wont put ads on your website.  You can also get free web hosting with SSL. As a matter of fact, this website is currently hosted on Viewen. The site is fully loaded in 900ms – 1.8 secs, considering that my site is running on WordPress with lots of plugins installed.

The support is very responsive. They replied to my inquiries averaging 2 – 5 mins.


What you will need.

You will need a top level domain like .com, .net, .org, .xyz. If you do not have one, click here to buy the most affordable .COM domain without hidden charges / added renewal fee. Buying domain is cheap. Split up the cost among your team members.

Com And Hosting

Register an account in Viewen

You can easily register by clicking here Viewen Registration Form. Just Click Login -> Account -> Register

Inputting garbage name or address is not acceptable, so make sure input a valid name. Fill up the form as truthful as you can. Like Viewen FB Page, input your Facebook Profile URL. They require this because they rather invest their marketing budget on providing us with free web hosting.


Choose the Free Hosting Server

After registering, go to Services > Order New Services. Scroll down until you find the free one. In my case, it is Barcelona.

Viewen New Services


Input Your Registered Domain Name

Input domain name Viewen


You will be given an Order ID, keep note of it.

Account Activation

This is the most important part. Now click on Open Ticket -> New Accounts. you can use “Account Activation, Domain name #Order ID” format on a subject.  Please elaborate on what your site will going to be about.

Please attach a screenshot that you have registered it. You may use the receipt or the Whois Information of your site.

Also, tell them what you will be hosting. In my case, they suggested that I must use Cloudflare CDN because they want the blog to run fast. They will assist you in the process and will send you video instructions/step by step tutorial.

Viewen open Ticket

Be truthful as much as possible. Viewen will instantly activate your domain instantly.


Prohibited Activities

Please abide by the rules of Viewen. Failure to do so will lead to deletion of website or entire account. Hosting a phishing website, proxy scripts, file sharing site and audio/video site is strictly prohibited. You can read more by visiting  Viewen Terms of Service.


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