• Windows Dev Essentials

    Free Credits and Freebies to Boost your Programming Competencies

    Every programmer likes free stuff. As you get further in your programming career, it is unavoidable to purchase tools that cost a lot of money. Here is the list of freebies that can help you enhance your programming skills and be a more productive developer.   Windows Dev Essentials Get 1-month free access to thousands of quality tutorials on Pluralsight. I personally like Pluralsight because they break down courses in 2- 5-minute format. They also offer soft skill courses to help you heighten your communication skills in the workplace. Remember, communication is important in the industry. You can also get a 200$ credit for Azure. Use that credit to experiment…

  • Viewen
    Web Hosting

    Host your thesis for FREE on Viewen

    It is hard to find a reliable web hosting service for your thesis especially when you are just a student and is lacking financial support. Luckily we have Viewen who can provide us premium web hosting faster than paid ones.   Why Viewen? First of all, Viewen is absolutely free. They wont put ads on your website.  You can also get free web hosting with SSL. As a matter of fact, this website is currently hosted on Viewen. The site is fully loaded in 900ms – 1.8 secs, considering that my site is running on WordPress with lots of plugins installed. The support is very responsive. They replied to my inquiries…

  • Collective code ownership
    Best Practices,  Life of A Developer

    Benefits of Practicing Collective Code Ownership

    Collective code ownership, in simple terms, is sharing code and design responsibility among the team members. A sole developer who is working on a piece of a module in a nontrivial project should consider letting other team members look into their code and do necessary refactoring. It is a practice in extreme programming which helps deliver high-quality software and respond to the customer changing needs. In a workplace with “strong code ownership”, developer tend to not let other developers add functionality, change the approach or refactor as they will be held responsible if something went wrong. In collective code ownership, any developer has the change to modify and refactor the code…